We have more than a decade of experience with clients of all sizes across multiple industries.

Real-time Alert
Fraud detection, assessment, and prevention designed to be sensitive to the trends and techniques of fraud. We can read between the lines and address the fundamental issues of fraud.

Our distinctive approach
We provide fraud detection, assessment, and prevention that is designed to be sensitive to fraud trends and techniques. We know how to read between the lines and get to the underlying issues of fraud

Our quality
With our cumulative years of experience and a distinctive approach to fraud detection, assessment, and prevention, we offer the highest quality and value to uncover fraud and tackle complex fraud cases.

Powered By Knowledge

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, Seminar No 25 is a market leader in the fight against fraud.

The tactics used by fraudsters can be sophisticated, and the underlying mechanisms of perpetrating fraud range from simple to complex. It is Important to identify fraud early to mitigate the costly effects of fraud on the organization or business.


Seminar No 25 offers a unique approach to fraud detection. Our combination of global knowledge and local expertise contributes to sustainable results.

Seminar No 25 breaks with conventional thinking about risk and proposes an innovative approach to fraud analysis, detection, assessment, and prevention. With a dedicated team of fraud investigators who can discover fraud where others can’t.

Seminar No 25 is continuously evolving its expertise and technology, allowing our clients to get ahead of the fraudsters around the world.

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