If fraud is the new normal,
we know how to

News headlines and economic crime surveys regularly remind us that fraud is widespread.

Fraud detection requires the service of a fraud examiner who understands the art and science of fraud investigations.
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SeminarNo25 is your trusted advisor...

Seminar No 25 delivers expert fraud detection prevention and risk assessment services to small and medium-size organizations and businesses.

Seminar No 25 is a Client-centric company obsessed with helping our clients detect and identify the risk of fraud in their organization. We are relentless in investigating the suspected incidence of fraud and committed to advising our clients on best practices for the prevention of fraud in their organization or business. We know common fraud schemes and have years of experience detecting and preventing these schemes.

Our fraud risk assessment process is designed to identify internal control weaknesses in our client’s organization and eliminate internal control weaknesses to prevent the future occurrence of fraud.

At Seminar No 25, we are fraud fighters in the detection, assessment, and prevention of fraud.

Why Choose SeminarNo25

Why Choose SeminarNo25

Seminar No 25 offers a unique approach to fraud detection, assessment, and prevention.

Powered By Knowledge

Powered By Knowledge

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, Seminar No 25 is a market leader in the fight against fraud.

Global Partnership

Global Partnership

Seminar No 25 offers a unique approach to fraud detection. Our combination of global knowledge and local expertise contributes to sustainable results.
"We want to help you identify the risk of fraud and prevent it from impacting your organization in the future"



Fraud Investigation

With the continuous increase in fraud risk, companies hire fraud examiners to assess their vulnerability to fraud. Seminar No 25 offers fraud investigation, assessment, and prevention in a variety of Industries to help clients manage the risk of fraud.

Fraud Risk Assessment

What is a four-letter word that keeps business owners up at night? “Risk”. There are many kinds of risk associated with operating a business, but perhaps the most unsettling risk is fraud. Internal control weaknesses were responsible for over half of reported fraud.

Business Valuation

Perhaps you're planning to sell your business, or maybe you're just curious to know the value your hard work has built. Whatever the reason, the real market value of a company is discover able by assessing the desire of buyers.Business valuations serve a variety of purposes.


The Future is with Seminar No 25. Real-time, deterministic fraud detection solutions ensure businesses are a step ahead of fraudsters
We have substantial experience serving various industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and conducting different types of fraud investigations involving misappropriation of assets, hidden assets, embezzlement, corruption, conflicts of interest, asset tracing, misconduct, money laundering and much more. Our specialists are well informed in dealing with complex circumstances in fraud investigations. Plus, our fraud examiners are highly effective in delivering fraud risk assessments that help mitigate the occurrence of fraud in your business.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2018 “Report to the Nations,” a global study on occupational fraud and abuse, cite several key findings that raise a red flag on fraud today.  Those findings tell us that in 2018 there was an estimated $7 billion in total losses to fraud. The median loss per fraud case is $130,000, and the median duration of fraud schemes is 16 months.  These statistics are alarming, but with heightened awareness and the implementation of fraud prevention measures, businesses can protect themselves against fraud.

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Our fraud analyst help identify the most challenging fraud issues by providing state of the art analysis and investigative services.
We can provide your organization with the road map for preventing fraud.


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